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A hop, skip and a jump! People living in London sometimes get the urge to cash out and move to a small community.

Some people end up moving to Ilderton, 20 km to the north, however, that is not really cashing out. Ilderton can be expensive. Others follow Richmond Street North until they get to Lucan, 27 km also north of London. New houses and condos are going up in that location and commuting back to London for work or shopping is doable. The traffic is seldom an issue.

Still others who are somewhat more adventuresome in their quest to find harmonious living may end up in Exeter, 49 km north of London.

It is not so much that prices drop the further out you go. It has more to do with the aspect that communities with populations in the 5,000 range and which are growing, tend to be comfortable places to live.

Exeter has more shopping than Lucan and Ilderton, a hospital and the wonderful Morrison Dam Conservation Area walking trails. One more added bonus is that Grand Bend is only 26 km away, the beauty of the Bayfield area is only 43 km away and the Stratford Festival which runs from April to October (in Stratford) is only 36 km away.

Yes, Exeter’s location works well for many people for a variety of reasons. Peter Daoust here, Broker at Remax Advantage Realty in London, Ontario. I am here to assist!

Exeter Unit Descriptions as of Late May 2023:


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