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15 Conrad Drive, Zurich

15 Conrad Drive, Zurich



Registered as condos2008

Average MLS Selling Price 2021-2022No MLS sales

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The address is 15 Conrad Drive, however the street name it’s on is called Knell Crescent. These are one floor units with single or double car garages. Built in four clusters of four, one cluster of two and one stand alone unit.

“Oke Woodsmith" built they are reputable builders. Built with radiant in floor heating and wall mounted ductless air conditioning. There are no basements.

Front grey stone and grey brick. The amount of front stonework is impressive. Brown shingles, tan trim, a limited use of aluminum and vinyl sidings. The double car garage end units have covered front porches and the interior single car garage units have covered front entrances. Peaked front rooflines, brick driveways. There is also a clubhouse which looks very much like a condo.

Sumac, maple, and pine trees grace this site. The front entranceway has curves, and the placement of clusters gives each cluster a sense of distinction. What helps is that most clusters face different directions. This is a quiet setting. New listings offered for sale here are sometimes “exclusively" posted.

Zurich is 19.3km or a fifteen-minute drive to Grand Bend and a 7km or five-minute drive to Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is 13.3km or a nine-minute drive to Bayfield. Living here is living away from all of Grand Bend’s action.

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