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33954-33988 Highland Drive

33954-33988 Highland Drive



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Highlands 1”

The entire address is 33954-33988 Highlands Drive, 33968-33972 Waterworks Road, 71203-71214 Karen Drive, 71204-71218 Sharrow Drive, and 71203-71215 Finnigan Road. This location is 3km north of Grand Bend and is in the municipality of Lambton Shores.

Two small front stone posts and two sections of decorative picket fencings greet you at the entranceway. Notice the speed signs saying 10 and notice the signs saying hidden driveways. There is a front children’s playground area. In this complex you will find detached, mostly older, seasonal cottages. Many were built close to their lot lines and an abundance of cedar hedges act as privacy barriers.

Why are we showing seasonal cottages on a website devoted to condos? The same question could be asked about showing the recently built one floor luxury semis on Tattersall Lane or Brocklawn Drive, or the units found in the gated community on Pebble Beach Parkway.

Well units here do get listed on the “MLS” system for sale and owners here do pay an annual Neighbourhood Association fee. The residents of Highland 1 all share access to a common set of stairs going down to a nice beach. Overflow parking is also available to the residents living here.

Yet another cluster of cottages/homes exist just to the north called Highlands II. Highlands II enjoys wider lots and homes here are somewhat newer and cost more.

A condo, a house, or a cottage? You decide. Grand Bend homes, cottages, condos, and properties in its immediate vicinity do offer a number of uniquely different living experiences.

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