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18 Sauble Street

18 Sauble Street



Registered as condos1990

Average MLS Selling Price 2022No MLS sales

Average MLS Selling Price 2021Sample size (1) too small to report

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Let’s start with the location. The street called Sauble River is a two-minute walk away to Grand Bend’s main intersection which is the meeting of Main Street (HWY 81) and Ontario Street (HWY 21). A Canada Trust Bank is just around the corner on a street called 81 Crescent Street and behind these streets on Gill Road (and directly behind the condos on 18 Sauble Street) is the Grand Bend Public School.

A walk to the beach from this location takes less than ten minutes along Main Street West and a walk to The Grand Bend Town Centre with a Sobeys and a Shopper’s Drug Mart that can be accomplished in less time than that. This is a central location just slightly removed from all of the summer action.

Sauble Street is a short street which ends about ten properties beyond this 18 Sauble Street address. At the end of the street is a treed river embankment with a set of solid wooden steps leading down docks along the north side of the Ausable River. It’s from this vantage point photographers sometimes take pictures of the river. This neighbourhood is a mecca for boaters in the summertime. This end of street parking is restricted to registered boaters.

These are two storey units with two upper bedrooms and 737 square feet of above ground living space. A brick and wood sided exterior. These units were originally built with baseboard electric heat like many other Grand Bend condos and gas fireplaces came later. There are wall sleeves for portable air conditioners in some of the exterior walls. Three tall fruit trees offer shade in the summertime.

Peaked and staggered rear rooflines with covered entrances. The front of this complex which faces the street also has a continuation of this staggered design and slightly less peaked rooflines. Some units have upper and lower wooden decks while others just have lower decks.

There are two designated parking spots per unit with very narrow driveways on both sides of the building leading to these parking arrangements.

Given the small sample size, seldom do these units get offered for sale.

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