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3 River Road

3 River Road



Registered as condos1989

Average MLS Selling Price 2022$565,000 (based on 2 MLS sales)

Average MLS Selling Price 2021$483,800 (based on 2 MLS sales)

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Riverfront condos. Twelve units in total with four units on each level. Like many condos in Grand Bend, there is a gas fireplace as the major heat source with baseboard heating for bedroom back up. Light tan/taupe siding, brown shingles and white trim.

The lower level and main floor units are 1076 square feet. They are two-bedroom units with one floor living. The top floor units are larger in size at 1482 and 1604 square feet. They have vaulted ceilings with two bedrooms on one level and one upper master bedroom with a skylight. Steps from both the top level and middle level on the river side go down to ground level.

Open parking and visitor parking. Mature trees at riverside. Sometimes marketed as being just steps to the third best beach in Canada. A three-minute walk over the bridge on Ontario Street South to Main Street. A center of Grand Bend location.

The condo fees on a 1076 square foot unit in 2023 are $397.00 per month. The condo fees include roof and windows.

*Did you notice something different with the street side picture? Absent in one of the pictures are the tall fir trees on the west side. Tree roots play a big part in shoreline erosion. Planning mistakes sometimes do happen.

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