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40 Ontario Street
“Village on the Ausable

40 Ontario Street



Registered as condos1989

Average MLS Selling Price 2022$644,300 (based on 2 MLS sales)

Average MLS Selling Price 2021$590,000 (based on 2 MLS sales)

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Let’s first start with the location. 40 Ontario Street is two blocks south of Main Street West and just north of Lake Road. Lake Road leads down to the beach about seven blocks away.

This complex is built next to an elbow in the Ausable River and is surrounded by tall trees. It’s also built close to the river with a set of stairs leading down to the dockside. It’s not an area where children can play. The pool is off on the eastern side, perched well up from the river.

This complex is built in three clusters. There are an equal number of upper and lower units. Unit sizes of 1200, 1290, 1300 and 1390 square feet. Lime coloured siding, a very relaxing colour, brown shingles, and well-designed stone steps between clusters. Like with the Harbor Gates Club condos next door, units inside each cluster are slightly staggered to help add an element of privacy.

The upper-level units have a living room, kitchen, laundry, and a two-piece bathroom on one level and two or three upper bedrooms. The master bedroom has a large window overlooking the river. There is also an upper skylight in the hallway and all three of the upper-level bedrooms have slightly vaulted ceilings.

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