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19-35, 22-36 Wondergrove Court

19-35, 22-36 Wondergrove Court

19-35, 22-36 Wondergrove Court



Registered as Condos2009

Average MLS Selling Price 2022No MLS sales

Average MLS Selling Price 2021$862,300 (based on 4 MLS sales)

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A core location worth investigating. Turn north off Main Street West onto Queens Avenue and then right onto Wondergrove Court. The rear north-east corner of this cul-de-sac has units which back onto the condos at 8 Oak Street. The beach is a five-minute walk away to the west along interesting little core area streets.

These are freeholds with a front gated entranceway. A low condo fee covers snow removal, road, and common area maintenance.

This project had a ten-year buildout process. Some were built in 2009, some in 2014 and still others in 2017 and later. A mix of one floor units on the west side of the street (some may look like one floor units but actually have upper bedrooms). One custom designed home built here by “Oke Woodsmith was a 2010 Lottery Dream Home.

Typical unit sizes of homes on this street are 1600, 1650, 1782, 1860 and 1880 square feet. Small lot sizes which are easier to maintain. Cement driveways.

There are board rules. Rules about what kind of vehicles can be parked in the driveways or on the common elements. Rules about the time duration of lease rentals and rules about the length of time Christmas lights can stay up. The Board makes available visitor parking passes.

On a differing note, new rules about “AirBNB” usages came into effect on all homes and cottages in Grand Bend. There will be new regulations imposed on short term rentals

There also now are annual licensing fees and a limit to the number of guests allowed. Other new rules will also apply. Do your own homework and learn more. Even CBC news has run stories about this.

*In this neighbourhood 89% of the population own and 11% rent. 18% of the housing stock was built 2011+. 25% of the population is aged 65-74 and 18% are 75+.

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