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8-18, 11-21 Tattersall Lane

8-18, 11-21 Tattersall Lane



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Rice Development built. This company has been actively building in Grand Bend for many years. Found here are two different model styles both built semi-style. The Rockport Model has 1296 square feet, and The Hampton Model has 1386 square feet. These units share the same features as the units on Brocklawn Drive which were built in 2019, just around the corner.

Going forward, when it comes time to sell, these units will be in competition with the new Medway Homes condos off in the distance on Coastal Crescent. One of the advantages these units will have is that there are no condo fees. Rice Development is also continuing to build new single detached homes in the immediate neighbourhood.

**Are these units being built to meet the needs of retirees? You decide. 49% of the population living here is aged 55+.

***Rice Development is also busy building attached units next to “The Westlinks”, a twelve-hole golf course in Port Elgin. Port Elgin is 156km away to the north, also on Lake Huron. In the community surrounding “The Westlinks”, 56% of the population is aged 55+. It now seems that seniors are putting quality of life considerations above the need to live close to a hospital.

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